Hiyyya everyone,

So these past few weeks have been absolutely crazy. It’s going to be hard for me to sum it up in this blog post, but I’ll try.

I landed in London a few days before Canada Day London, which gave me just enough time to relax, and get ready for the day.

I arrived at Trafalgar Square in the early morning, camera and lenses in tow, and looking forward to what the day would bring. I had been waiting for this day for a few months and it was everything I had hoped for. I had the opportunity to see and shoot artists like Ben Caplan, and Jann Arden, and bands like the Arkells, The Sheepdogs, and The Tragically Hip. It was my first time seeing The Tragically Hip and I was not disappointed. Along with shooting these artists, I met with other photographers and people in the music industry. A moment of the day that stood out to me was when I met the official photographer for The Tragically Hip and he told me he had been looking at my work already. We met for the first time that night. I was speechless. 

The trip was going well, and then I was told that I would be shooting the Mumford and Sons show at Olympic Park with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Ben Howard, and Vampire Weekend. It was the biggest show I had ever done, and there are truly no words to describe the day. It was an absolute dream to shoot Mumford and Sons in their hometown, and to see their bassist Ted Dwane, return to the stage after his emergency operation that had them cancel the rest of their North American tour, to see him so healthy and happy, and to see the band play a sold out show in their hometown of London.

I had a few days left in London, and had the opportunity to meet with a photography who I look up to everyday. I met with Christie Goodwin, and was so lucky to hear her views on the industry, artists she’s worked with, and most importantly she gave me some valuable advice that I’ll keep with me forever.

It was a lovely trip, and I can’t wait to go back again. I met so many people I’ll continue to keep in touch with and shot shows that will go down as my favorite shows I’ve done. MASSIVE thanks to Canada Day London, Tom Arendas, Chad Molleken,  George Stroumboulopoulos, The Sheepdogs, Jon Lawerence at Stoked Pr, Adam Stockdale, Ben Lovett, Mumford and Sons, Fixation UK for fixing my camera so quickly, Rod Leon, David Bastedo, the lovely and talented Christie Goodwin, all the London Cabbies that got me too and from shows, and a HUGE thanks to Timber Wolf HS&E Services Inc. and Pacific Audio Visual Institute for getting me there. As well, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me from the beginning, the Vancouver bands I’ve worked closely with, family and friends, and for anyone who’s taken a chance on me, for that I am so very grateful.